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Peter Chettaaa…..What an awesome experience after installing the Bilstein B6 with the H&R springs. I never thought my Innova could do wonders with this spec…….Cheers & Thank you.
Shaheen Thaha, Kochi
Hi Peter,Have been running the updated map for a couple of weeks now on my Polo 1.2TSI. Love the map. You were right, it definitely smoothens the driving experience. The dsg shifting/jerks have decreased significantly too. And revs cleanly to 6k now instead of hitting a wall at 5k.A great update! Rishad @ Performance Unlimited (your Mumbai dealer) was very helpful as well. Thank you!
Deepak, Mumbai
Peter the B6 I fitted on my gypsy is fabulous, I don’t feel fear now. It holds and handles very well. Just too good.
Kurien R&T, Kottayam
Are there words to describe pete’fied(using a Pete’s product) or can someone else put it in better words-like exhilarating, astounding etc,etc. Fantastic feeling from the overall experience, the products,the men and what you guys did to MY Skoda RS. Keep it up guys
Shaji Surendran, Trivandrum
Simply Terrific. The Pete’s Tuning Box has enhanced the power, speed and mileage of my Elantra car.
Naren Kumar, 6 time National Rally Champion and Asia Zone Rally Champion
After installing and using the Petes Tuning Box for one year, my Octavia drives much better in high gear at low city speeds. The midrange torque boost provides effortless ability to maintain triple digit cruising speeds, all with the added benefit of better fuel efficiency that stock. And I have yet to set it to the second setting provided, which should bump up the performance even higher !!
Ketan Maganlal, Goa
I had brought a white Swift Dzire to you guys and you guys did all the mods like the Tuning Box, Green filter and the Borbet wheels. I am so extrememly happy with you guys, especially your service team. My car looks so cool. People everywhere giving the looks and stares, all taking snaps. I have referred all of them to Pete’s. Even had a small fun contest with another Pete’s tuned Fiesta from Cochin to trivandrum. My car which had difficulty touching 140 now easily doing a cool 170 without any effort. Thanks for making me FALL IN LOVE WITH MY CAR ALL OVER AGIAN. Love you guys. 
Andree, Tiruvananthapuram
WOW, Awesome is all i can say. I recently drove a new Pajero that had done Only 12,000 kms. I realised that my Pajero which has done over 85,000 kms is better. The TWISTER filter, the OWS oil, has done wonders to the engine. The service guys cannot believe that it can deliver so much. The SNORKEL, THE BILSTEINS, the SPRINGS, the KCs all makes it an awesome package. Man you get me a lot of attention wherever I go. The word AWESOME does not describe even 10% of what u have done.                                                                                  YOU MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE..!
Pramod P Thevannoor, Kerala
Got Tuning box installed last month for captiva, and WOW the power is remarkable.150 to 180 bhp means A LOT . it took 0-60 just 3 sec . Drove it for 800km and the millage reads 8.0 l/100 km which use to be 11 l/100 km .thanks guys
DURGESH, Madhya Pradesh
01-10-09 – finally did the remap on the new superb…. its just so amazing to drive now.its really responsive and fast.thank you once again for a wonderful job
Shankar Ravi, Bangalore
The Petes box is an excellent device, after using it in my diesel swift i can say its a must buy for all diesel owners, just plug and you got instant power, great going Pete’s.
Faisal, Mumbai
“Wolf in Sheep’s clothing”. My Octavia @ 300BHP is exactly that. 100% satisfied with your fantastic service and back up. Looking forward to more of Pete’s
Dr Cyres, Ophthalmic Surgeon, Mumbai
Pete’s Automotive Products Pvt Limited is a “ONE STOP SHOP” for serious auto enthusiasts and tuners where you can count on quality products and friendly service.
Prabhakar John Durai, Technical Director, Helicord Power transmission belts, Chennai.

Excellent performance with Tuning box and Green Cotton Air Filter. I was quite disturbed with my Ford Ikon’s performance as I bought as a brand new vehicle. I found the ULTIMATE solution at Pete’s and after the first service, I installed Pete’s Tuning Box and Green Cotton Filter. Now the performance has entirely changed and I can drive my car as I wish. Simply superb like a Jet engine equipped on my car. Thanks Pete’s
Prashanth Kumar, Haripad, Kerala
The Bilstein Ride Control suspension is probably the best upgrade done for my BMW 3 Series. It transforms the car from a very comfortable but keen driving machine to a ultimate track car at the press of a button. Best of all my family likes the ride in comfort mode and when driving alone the sport mode does wonders to the dynamics. The H&R spacers adds to the car’s road holding and most importantly the visual appeal. Thanks a ton guys.
Dr Nirmal Krishnan, ,Kerala
I am pleased to inform you that I am extremely satisfied with the results on my Scorpio after the Bilstein B6 shocks upgrade. The vehicle handling has improved considerably, with much less pitching, swaying & secondary oscillations. Thanks to the team of Pete’s for providing us the opportunity of using such wonderful products at internationally competitive rates! I am sharing my good experience with my friends already.
Murlidhar Bhat, Bangalore
The remapped car feels great and it has been a pleasure getting the car done up by you guys. The most important thing is you guys know what you do and that confidence is very important. A one stop shop for all the car needs from minor bushes to the REMAP. An overall wonderful experience. Expect me to be back.
Vijay Pillai, Personal Trainer of Mr. Vijay Mallya, KINGFISHER GROUP, Bangalore
Performance is real good. Our MD is real happy using the Pete’s tuned Tucson and our customers are real happy using the Accent and Elantra’s
Nirenjan, Senior Manager, Jaika Auto (Hyundai Dealer), Raipur
Hai Peter, The car is just great. You have done a real professional job man. Actually we should meet up soon for the 300 Bhp upgrade, rocking Bangalore with my 240 Bhp Vrs.
Harish, CEO, Rock Products India, Bangalore
All our PETErifiable cars have Pete’s. Just shows how satisfied we are. Keep it going and looking forward to the turbo upgrade.
Abdul Rawuf, KHAJA Group, Chavakad
It’s fast and it’s FURIOUS. The ultimate performance package upgrade I have had on my Audi TT. 240 BHP now seems small. Coming back to you soon for the next stage.
Bhushan Musale, CEO, Metagraph Group, Pune

I am glad i stopped over at your place on my way back to bangalore and fixed the Green Storm filter and the Petes Tuning box taking your advice ( as unless you have both one doesnt feel the real performance). I feel my magnum having a V8 engine and unbelievable TORQUE. its super quick 0-100 in 9.2 sec and easily crusies at 180+kmph. Thankyou for your personal attention, much appreciate.

I picked up the Magnum diesel for the unbelievable Torque it produced ,its was sheer tyre shredding power as long as you have the pedal to the metal but after i fixed the Green Performance Air filter and the Pete’s Box the story was something else ,my torque improved by another 20% and tuning box helped me have an early power delivery unlike the stock car where there was a power lag…..well when optra magnum was realeased some auto journals said its a poor mans BMW 320d….well right now my magnum is FAST AND FURIOUS and half the price of a Beemmer. much thanks to Peter who gave me the right advice and money well spend. I have driven a few cars with pete’s products and they are simply mind blowing. keep up the good work peter and your product range is really wide and I feel the petes box is something which all owners of diesel cars should fix it for its mileage,power and drivability …………..well right now i just have to work harder to buy your other products 🙂

Sanjeev nair, Bangalore

I would like to say a couple of things here… First of all I would like to commend the extremely professional job done by your guys. If asked for one word to describe the work done on my car, I would say it would be “MASTERPIECE”!!

Though a lot of people had laughed at me for driving 1000 kms to get my car ‘tinkered on’, I feel that the effort was worth it. I strongly believe that no one in Bangalore (the mod-car capital!) could have resolved my issue the way you guys did.

I am deeply grateful for the way you, Mr.Mathew and your staff gave personalised attention to me and my car even though you had other high-value projects on hand. Thank you for making a small-car owner (Zen Estillo)like me feel like a valued customer!

I end here by expressing the earnest desire of seeing you guys set up base in Bangalore too, to continue the good work in Cochin. My best wishes to you and your team for the future.

Sajay, Bangalore
The BMW 320d as it is has excellent road holding and never knew anything that could enhance the road holding. Thanks to the awesome H&R spacers. The change in handling is phenomenal. And Peter I am waiting for the tuning box you have promised.
Pramodh, Cochin
Team Pete’s have transformed my new Laura into a super car…a brilliant remap…suspension mods…RS kit. and above all the awesome paddle shift…you really made my dream come true Peter… my new Laura drives like a dream…thanks a ton…cheers to you and to your brilliant team…keep going…
Gopinathan Rajesh, Cochin
Hey Pete’s, Right decision for upgrade on Brand VAG, Good Product knowledge and team, The Only ONE, I am enjoying every Throttle of my 300 bhp Skoda Octavia Vrs now. Wish you all the best and keep good work going.
Milan, Mahindra Group, Mumbai
Thanks for the wonderful products, with the Pete’s and the Green filter on my Elantra the car is a different beast altogether now 🙂 I went on the Mumbai-Pune expressway on Saturday to test it and it was unbelievable ! Did an indicated speedo reading I am scared to even tell you very easily before running out of road and catching up to other cars.Even in the city it has really minimised the turbo lag and acceleration is much better, and all this still on the normal setting. I’ll be trying it out on the +1 setting this weekend, just wanted to drive around a bit on normal so I can fully appreciate the difference. Thanks for the diagram, your explanation has finally made me understand how to change the setting.
A million thanks and much gratitude Peter. Life is so much better ( and faster) now !
Amit Rathod, Mumbai
Well i must say that i am the proud owner of the only peted 530d in kerala as of now. The custom remap on my car has taken the already impressive power and torque figures to an entirely different level. The seamless torque delivery and a near petrol like top end has made the car an absolute hoot to drive. Gearshifts have also become much quicker and is now really worthy of an M moniker. The best part is my fuel efficiency has gone up as well . I have to thank peter and his team for their professionalism
Dr. Nirmal Krishnan, Kerala
Your magic box [Petes Tuning Box] is superb. Now I personally checked it .

Yesterday my car went to Maruthi service centre for power window prob, there the car was test driven by four other swift owners and they all well recognised the pickup enhancement.Chief mechanic also appreciated our box. Thanks for the nice job.

Dr Jagdeesh , Andhrapradesh
Pete’s have vastly improved the driving experience of a naturally wonderful machine, my Octavia Vrs, thanks a ton! Great job
Manoj, Kerala
You did an amazing job on my laura and for the innova,,, now i have picked up the new superb… just waiting to come to u guys for the works….
Shankar Ravi, Bangalore
The upgrade is fantastic Peter. Thx v much for upgrading my diesel Octy. Worth every penny and fantastic service.
Mr. Prithvi, Bangalore
Do your car a favour…….. Get Pete’s! And you can tell the world that I said so
Leela Krishnan, Master tuner and 7 time National Rally Championship winner, Coimbatore
Stealth technology at its best. Pete’s you guys have a killer app.
Rajwanth Ben, Senior Manager, Marikar Engineers, (SKODA and Mitsubishi Dealers in Kerala)
An excellent product. The Pete’s tuning box will surely give petrol cars a COMPLEX. And now the remapped Octavia has shown me what all these guys are talking about. Pete’s …….the definite way to go
George Muthoot, Director, Muthoot Pappachan Group, Kerala
The phase 1 remap and stage 2+ clutch upgrade has made a remarkable improvement in the performance of my Skoda RS !
I also have to say that your mechanics are brilliant… You’ve certainly handpicked the best ! Please do tell them that I said so.
Dr Ashwin, Calicut
I got my Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI a First Stage kit done along with suspension and a few other mods. At First, I was skeptical as to what improvements it may make, but I was blown away feeling the difference in performance of the car. Mr. Peter and the entire Pete’s team have done a brilliant job and I am extremely satisfied with the end result. Can’t wait to get the Stage 2 done.. Keep it up Pete’s … The one stop shop for performance
Krishna, Banglore
Since 2005 I am simply affectionate with team Pete’s, cos they have done a very good job to enhance the power and beauty of my cars…I think the Pete’s badge says everything what you expect. As an auto enthusiast now I am extremely happy with my cars includes BMW320D, SUPERB2.5V6 TDI, FABIA 1.4 TDI and my VERNA (AUTO) 1.5 CRDI. Jet set go Pete’s……
Archie antony, Kerala
My Fabia and Superb are very impressive and fun to drive now. There is no turbo lag and ofcourse mileage and power has increase by a minimum 25%. It is a very nice product Pete’s. Keep it going.
Mr. Archie, Kerala
Better Fuel average with better POWER ! Now that’s the beauty of the situation.
Zuhin (Rajah Group), Chavakkad
Pete’s have vastly improved the driving experience of a naturally wonderful machine, my Octavia Vrs, thanks a ton! Great job.
Manoj, Kerala
It’s just too good, I have installed the tuning boxes for all my cars, it’s really a pleasure to drive the cars now…. thank you petes.
Shankar, Bangalore
“Performance Enhancer”. Real happy with what Pete’s has done to my car. She is running toooooo….. Good
Seshakumar Reddy, Director, ANAM Electrical Manufacturing Co., Chennai
Increases power and torque. Drivability has really improved. Really happy with the box
Comdr Kumar, Director, Trident Automobiles (Hyundai Dealer), Bangalore
Green changed the feel of the scorpio engine and the bilsteins have turned around the Scorpio’s behaviour on and off the road. Words cannot express the difference – u ought to feel it. AND U make the difference PETER.
Mr. Pramod, CEO, SCMS Group, Kerala
Rule Every Road You Take” At 240 Bhp I really thought I was ruling every road I took. But now with the TURBO upgrade and at 300BHP I really am ruling every road I take. Its awesome !!!!!!!! Kudos to the Pete’s Team !!!!!
Oommen Philip, Senior Manager, AVT McCORMICK, Cochin
My Pete’d laura complete with lowered suspension and power upgrades is quite a monster.. and the best part..? With all that power and control, when driven sedately my mileage reads 24.1 KM per liter.. Now beat THAT !!!
Dr.Ashwin Ramakrishnan, Director, Asoka Hospital, Calicut
I just wanted to thank the team for an outstanding service. I’m from Trivandrum and I came for a remap and air filter change (elite i20) on 12/06/2015. I was greeted by Mr Vinu and another person (sorry, Forgot his name). Both were extremely friendly and courteous. They answered all of my queries and considering the fact that I had many questions (I’m kind of a hard customer to please: p), they did an AWESOME job. And even the technicians, 2 of them who worked on my car, was very friendly and explained to me in detail what they were doing. I was delighted by the service and to top it all, after the remap and filter upgrade, the car is a beast now. I just wanted to thank all the employees there for the most extraordinary service that I got
Sudeep (a delighted customer)
Peter Chettaaa…..What an awesome experience after installing the Bilstein B6 with the H&R springs. I never thought my Innova could do wonders with this spec…….Cheers & Thank you.
Shaheen Thaha, Kochi
Hi Peter,

Have been running the updated map for a couple of weeks now on my Polo 1.2TSI. Love the map. You were right, it definitely smoothens the driving experience. The dsg shifting/jerks have decreased significantly too. And revs cleanly to 6k now instead of hitting a wall at 5k.A great update! Rishad @ Performance Unlimited (your Mumbai dealer) was very helpful as well. Thank you!

Deepak, Mumbai
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