SPORT-JC LEATHER SE now available in our standard line-up

This model identical to the Sport-JC except that full leather material in different colours is used and different colour stitching is available:

Leather red: 

RECARO logo black/ red stitching
RECARO logo red/ black stitching
RECARO logo black/ black stitching

Leather brown:  

RECARO logo black/ brown stitching
RECARO logo brown/ black stitching
RECARO logo black/ black stitching

Leather ivory:   

RECARO logo black/ ivory stitching
RECARO logo ivory/ black stitching
RECARO logo black/ black stitching

Leather black:

RECARO logo orange/ black stitching
RECARO logo silver/ black stitching
RECARO logo black/ orange stitching
RECARO logo black/ silver stitching
RECARO logo orange/ orange stitching
RECARO logo silver/ silver stitching

The RECARO SPORT-JC LEATHER SE is an advanced sports seat equipped with a power function package such as power recliner, RECARO Vent* and seat heater. The seat structure of the RECARO SPORT-JC is derived from RECARO’s seat frame A19 using the suspended shell, a mechanism to realize pleasant riding comfort by substantially improving damping characteristic and by minimizing 5 to 6 Hz vibration which is said to be most detrimental to the human viscera.

Furthermore, despite being a sports seat, the RECARO SPORT-JC makes driving comfortable even during long-distance drives.

* RECARO Vent: Motor fans incorporated both in the backrest and in the seat cushion circulate air inside the seat to compulsorily eliminate moisture. This serves to prevent backache.


Standard features:

Power recliner, belt holes for safety harness, air lumbar support (manual), seat depth adjustment, RECARO vent, seat heater, suspended shell.