A premium sports seat designed in a refined form with hybrid shell structure.

The RECARO Sportster is a premium sports seat which stands out for its sophisticated design and its hybrid seat structure.

The usage of a hybrid seat structure = combination of metal structure components and high strength Polyamide plastics with glass fibre reinforcement reduces the weight of the complete seat and realizes thinner back rests and seat cushions.

As a result, a tremendous evolution has been achieved in the aspects of:

– lowering the seat position
– widening the space for the back seat and
– making more sophisticated seat styles & designs possible.

In addition, the fusion of sports and comfort feeling is another characteristic of the RECARO Sportster. Its stylish and sporty outward appearance comes with amazing sitting comfort performance, but it still offers enough support for maintaining the driver’s body in the right driving position in situations with strong G-forces, e.g. during cornering.

This RECARO Sportster is a NEW standard premium sports seat which matches not only domestic cars but also imported cars.


Standard features:

Stepless recliner (dial type for single side), belt holes for safety harness, long & deep seat cushion, seat heating.