What is a Quaife ATB differential?


The ‘Automatic Torque Biasing’ differential is Quaife’s unique patented design, and is an after-market differential that provides smooth, constant traction for racing or slippery road conditions.

Suitable as an ideal replacement for any front, rear or four wheel drive application, these ATB differentials have the added benefit of no adverse effect on the steering of a front wheel drive vehicle.

Quaife ATB differentials have been used in a wide array of applications, from Formula 1 cars to emergency and public utility vehicles, where all weather mobility is essential, and where the product must perform in the most demanding of conditions.

Available to suit a very wide range of vehicle applications, from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen and including Ford, BMW, Honda, MG & Rover, Vauxhall/Opel, as well as a range of light commercial vehicles.

The characteristics of the differential are that it progressively locks as torque increases; there are no plates or clutches to wear out, as the more conventional limited-slip designs incorporate. The ATB differential is particularly effective in combating the effects of FWD torque steer and understeer.

Quaife Engineering also offer their ATB differential with a lifetime warranty [see terms and conditions], as a demonstration of the quality of the product.

The Ultimate Differential

The Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Differential enables your car to accelerate quicker and corner faster. How? Simply by getting the power to the ground!

The Quaife differential powers both drive wheels under nearly all conditions, instead of just one.

With an normal open differential, fitted as standard on most cars, much precious power is wasted through wheel spin under acceleration. This happens because the open differential shifts power to the wheel with less grip – along the path of least resistance.

The Quaife differential, however, does just the opposite. It senses which wheel has the better grip, and automatically biases the power to that wheel. It does this smoothly and constantly, and without ever completely removing power from the other wheel.

In cornering, while accelerating out of a turn, the QUAIFE biases greater power to the outside wheel, reducing inside-wheel spin. This allows the driver to begin accelerating earlier, exiting the corner at a higher speed.

The Quaife differential also controls loss of traction when the drive wheels are on slippery surfaces such as ice and snow or mud, providing the appropriate biased traction needed to overcome these adverse conditions. The Quaife ATB differential provides constant and infinitely variable drive. Power is transferred automatically without the use of normal friction pads or plates seen in other limited-slip designs.

The Quaife ATB differential’s unique design offers maximum traction, improves handling and steering, and puts the power where it is needed most. A definite advantage, whether you are on the track or on the street.

The Quaife differential is extremely strong and durable, and since it is gear-operated, it has no plates or clutches that can wear out and need costly and regular replacement. There is no maintenance required to the unit, so once installed the unit can be forgotton, apart from the better road responses.

The Quaife differential is great for street driving or racing. Racers don’t have to put up with locking mechanisms or spools that tear the steering wheel out of their hands when cornering. Because it behaves like an open differential during ordinary driving, street drivers will have trouble telling it’s there until pushing the cars towards its limits.

The Quaife differential is proven in everything from SCCA Rallying to drag racing and Formula 1. It provides autocrossers with such an advantage, it has become “required” equipment for a winning effort.

Expand your vehicle’s limits with the Quaife ATB Differential!


1. Honda Civic City QDF3U
2. Skoda Octavia (with VW 02J transmission – bolt in flanges) QDF10R

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