INDY-CATOR® is an LCD gear display knob which we developed entirely in-house and independently of any automobile brand. Our gear knob is designed as a retrofit tuning product. The gear display is digital and illuminated. INDY-CATOR® not only allows you to enhance automobile styling it also improves driving safety and fuel consumption. It is simple to install and connect to your car’s power supply and comes with a manual and an installation kit with four mounting options.

The engine speed is a key factor in fuel consumption. The INDY-CATOR helps the driver reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% by means of an adapted driving style.

Regardless of the brand of the car, the INDY-CATOR fits all manual transmissions up to six-speed (except for gear levers with reverse gear locking mechanism) and is designed to work with every conceivable gearshift pattern.

A light sensor in the INDY-CATOR adapts the brightness of the digital display to the surrounding light by means of an automatic dimming function, ensuring optimum readability at all times.

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Indy-cator shifter knob The GASLOCK universal LCD gear knob for manual gearboxes sets a clear accent for improved styling in the vehicle. The INDY-CATOR is the ideal accessory for drivers with sporting ambitions Available in Red, Green and Blue colours these can be easily suited for most interiors.



Indy-cator Dash The new INDY-CATOR-DASH is the next step in gear indy-cation technology. See the currently selected gear on the dash of your car. It comes with a wide range 16 colour Display, that can be chosen to match the lighting of the car.





Indy-cator G INDY-CATOR-G is an acceleration meter, that displays G-Force’s being pulled in the car while cornering, accelerating and braking. The “highest-scores” are stored in the micro-processor, and are shown during engine start. Can be easily mounted to any car . Now see whether a mod has made any difference on your car!  




Indy-cator Volt Clear LCD display of the onboard voltage in the car. Comes with the same wide range 16 colour display to match with your cars lighting scheme.


Mounting kits For Easy and Secure Installation ,The mounting Kit comes with 4 variants, Glue/screw, Suction or Clamp Fittings All in a single package