The Evoheatshield for the popular VAG 1.8-liter DOHC 20V turbo engines is available in 4 versions. They are available for both small and large intake port cylinder heads and available for both transverse and longitudinally laid engines.

All kits include 2 OEM intake manifold gaskets, a 0.250″-thick black phenolic evoheatshield spacer, and all-stainless steel hardware and illustrated instructions manual.

The Transverse kits also include a stainless steel bracket and bushing to accommodate the shifting forward of the intake manifold. This part has also been successfully installed in AUDI TT cars with similar engines.

The installation of the evoheatshield in longitudinal engines requires the slight modification and enlargement of one of the fixing holes in the stock lower intake manifold support rod. May also be used in Audi A4 engines with similar modification.