Detailing – A brief description

Keeping your auto clean through regular washing, will greatly improve your vehicles appearance.

First let’s go over our basics, washing is the removal of loose dirt, road film, and surface contaminants that have settled on your auto’s surface. Getting smart, means understanding that it is always best to do things right the first time and with the least amount of effort possible.

Carwash Time:

Smartcarwash offers a premium auto shampoo with added gloss enhancers formulated to restore gloss and slickness to your paint as you wash. Smartcarwash is a premium wash and wax shampoo in one.

Manufactured with water softeners and anti-static ingredients, Smartcarwash helps reduce mineral deposits in hard water, leaving behind a spot-free finish that greatly reduces dust attraction.

Smartcarwash is far more then a wash, it is a lavish spa for your automobile.

Once washed is the surface smooth?

After washing your auto, carefully run your hand across the hood or surface, if it feels rough and gritty it’s time to clay. Regardless of whether your auto is new or used contamination rapidly settles on surfaces ruining a perfect shine and damaging the surface.

How to Clay, because knowledge is power:

Rub the palm of your hand gently across surface planned for claying to assure that no surface contaminates are left. It is always best to clay a surface in a dust and wind free environment and preferably in the shade never in direct hot sun. The clay bar will work fine even in a hot surface however dust and dirt can settle on the surface and risk scratching or damaging the surface.

Once surface is clean Lubricate the surface you are about to start claying very well with smartdetail and gently rub the clay back and forth with light to medium pressure. Continue to lubricate the surface; it’s always better nice and wet.

After several passes with the clay, rub your hand across the area you’ve just clayed to see the difference and also check for missed area. Always check the surface if you clay bar that is being rubber against the surface. If it looks dirty or contaminated mold the clay to a clean surface, and always remove and rough or questionable particles that may appear in your clay bar by simply picking them out.

Once claying of surface is complete spray the surface well with smartdetail and wipe clean with smarttowels or any premium microfiber towels. Go ahead its safe, feel the surface, if it’s still not soft enough you can clay as often as you wish until desired surface is achieved.

The surface is clean now its time to protect it.

THE A’s and B’s of waxes and sealants:

Automakers recommend waxing regularly to enhance the appearance of the auto and protect our auto’s surface from contamination and elements. Waxes and sealants improve the appearance of new and used autos while protecting all autos from the world outside and even sometime inside of the garage.

Time to Smartwax:

Smartwax® is the highest quality 100% pure Brazilian #1 liquid carnauba crème wax enriched with a non-stick amino functional resin, formulated to deliver superior surface gloss and shine on all auto surfaces while offering the maximum surface protection developed to hold up under extreme conditions and temperatures. Smart engineering enables maximum bonding with all paint surfaces making smartwax layer-able. Smartwax’s proprietary blend of fluorocarbon polymer resins allows smartwax to be applied on a wet or a dry surface in the sun or the shade, making smartwax easy to apply and easy to remove. Unmatched dept and shine coupled with smartwax’s superior ease of use and long lasting durability…..nice.

Smartsealant, Is wax enough or should I use a sealant?

Smartsealant takes longevity, durability, protection, and extreme shine to the next level by setting a new standard in surface enhancement and protection. Our unique blend of detergent resistant polymers and fluorocarbon resins combined with Smartwax Brazilian Ivory Carnauba and natural oils delivers a protective sealant that is unmatched.

Smartsealant can be applied in multiple layers to deepen the shine and level of protection without compromising your paint or clear coat. Smartsealant coats your vehicle in a protective seal delivering a glossy, rich, liquid shimmer that leaps off the paint surface

Once the wax or sealant is applied the work is done, but what if you still have a few smudges?

As a final touch always use smartdetail, quick detail spray and wipe the auto down with a microfiber towel to achieve maximum shine and remove and excess wax or sealant. Smartdetail will not strip wax or sealants in fact it offer s superior quick shine between waxes and sealing.

Smartdetail restores that just-waxed deep wet looking shine in minutes!

A single spray wipes away fingerprints, water spots, dust, and other harmful contaminants; making is a superior waterless carwash and quick-detail spray that cleans in a single wipe leaving behind a rich, spectacular shine.

What do the pro’s do that I should know about to really enhance shine?

Detailers body shops and show professionals often times suggest following the sealant process with a fresh coat of smartwax to even further layer the shine. Because the synthetic sealant acts as a gloss layer, the carnauba wax can be layers on to of the sealant to add depth and enhance shine.

Once the outside is done, interior care is your next step:

Once you have vacuumed the interior it’s time to get rid of the stains, spots, and strange odors… need smartcarpet

Smartcarpet is truly the ultimate in spot and stain removers formulated to work fast cleaning the area while attacking strong odors by eliminating the bacteria that causes them . Smartcarpet is not a shampoo or a soap it is a professional extractor that travels deep to the source of the stain and effortlessly and effectively brakes down and eliminates ugly spots, stains, grease and grime from your carpets, upholstery, seats, or literally any interior surface. Smartdetail can be diluted 20:1 for carpet and upholstery stains or 40:1 to be used as an excellent all purpose surface cleaner to clean vinyl and plastics prior to application of dressings or leather conditioners.

Now that the surfaces are clean lets dress us the interior and condition that leather:

Leather care is made easy with Smartleather:

Smartleather is uniquely formulated to clean condition and preserve the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather. Smartleather nourishes and moisturizes to lubricate individual fibers of leather, keeping them from becoming brittle and dry. Its pH balanced formula replenishes essential, natural nutrients that evaporate over time. It rejuvenates the leather while the UV protection aids in blocking ultra-violet rays that will quickly cause deterioration of the leather and shorten its lifespan significantly.

Smartleather is non-greasy and extra dry. Once applied, it leaves the surface clean, conditioned and dry to the touch. Smartleather is formulated with stain repellants, and waterproofing agents that aid in the protection of leather.

Dressing up the dashboard, vinyl and rubber.

Smartdressing is a non-greasy extra dry premium conditioner and protectant that is highly versatile and provides outstanding long lasting shine and protection to all tire, rubber, vinyl and leather surfaces.

Smartdressings’ water based formula leaves surfaces shiny, protected and dry to the touch. The rich pH balanced conditioning formula penetrates beyond the surface to help rejuvenate and maintain pliability and integrity of the covering.

Smartdressing is specially formulated with UV blocking agents to help keep surfaces from cracking, fading and hardening while defending them against the harmful rays of the sun.

The ease of use, unbeatable protection, showroom shine, durability, pleasant scent and natural non-greasy dry to the touch feel is unmatched.


Time to enjoy your auto.