“Braking the rules”


TAROX’s ability to solve braking problems quickly opened the door to the premier class of car racing when Didier Pironi won the 1980 Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix, in a car equipped with the TAROX anti heat pistons. Such was his victory it caused all the leading teams to quickly switch to TAROX.

Just 2 years after their Formula 1 debut, and just 6 years after the company was established Keke Rosberg drove a TAROX equipped Williams to the 1982 World Title. Such was this achievement it quickly established the company founded in 1976 by Gianni Taroni (1936-2012) among the top performance brake manufacturers.


Gianni Taroni’s mantra ‘the constant research of the ultimate braking performance’ continues through the company with caliper design constantly evolving, and new applications always being added. To keep quality levels at a constant high the TAROX fast road range is TUV approved whilst the
factory complies with UNI EN IS0.

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Tarox G88 DiscsTarox Sport Japan Discs
The G88 is probably the best known of all TAR-OX discs and the most istantly recognisable with its multiple radial grooves on the braking surface of the discs. These grooves are designed to generate a turbine effect which dissipates heat build up, allowing the discs to run cooler and reducing the possibility of warping, vibration or cracking. All G88 discs are heat treated for strength, hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface and TÜV approved.
Tarox G88 Discs
Tarox Sport Japan Discs
As the name implies Sport Japan discs were originally designed for the Japanese market where tough looks and high performance are important factors. Sport Japan discs feature 6 grooves on the braking surface which deglaze the pads and help vent the gasses and scale which cause fading. Drilled holes remove heat from the discs, allowing the discs to run cooler. All Sport Japan discs are heat treated for strength, milled on numerically controlled machines and hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface. Sport Japan Discs are TÜV approved.
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No matter what your requirements from a brake pad TAROX will have something to suit your needs, whether it is for hard track day use or you just require a greater quality pad for your daily driver. TAROX pads are made from the highest quality materials developed to meet and exceed European regulations.
Three different compounds are available offering varying levels of performance and comfort. It is generally considered the higher performance the pad the less comfortable it will be for day to day driving conditions.
If you would like any more information regarding TAROX brake pads please use the form in the contact area.
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Fitting a TAR-OX upgrade kit will give you amazing braking performance and total confidence. By matching six+ piston calipers to the discs, problems such as disc failure, deformation and vibration are eliminated . TAR-OX offer a variety of calipers to suit various applications and customer requirements. The diameter of the pistons in the calipers are specific to each application to take into account the car’s master cylinder.

Each kit contains 2 six pistons brake calipers, 2 brake discs including alloy bells, 2 adaptor clamps, 1 set of brake pads and 1 set of brake lines.

The conversion kits are available with the spiral grooved F2000 discs as standard or with Sport Japan Plus or D95 discs as an option. For top end performance, ten and twelve pot brake conversion kits are also available with Metal/Ceramic discs.


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