SR-7F Lassic Limited Edition

The SR-7 is a functional, dynamic sea that incorporates updated and optimized features of the former SR-III , a very popular bucket type seat which was developed based on the knowhow nurtured in circuits and rallies, covered by a innovative modern, timeless design. It is easy to operate and despite being an entry model it offers excellent quality.

The RECARO SR-7F is a variant of the SR -7, making getting in and of the car even easier by having a flatter but  thicker seat cushion (30 mm more than the SR-7) and still offering side support. Additionally, the RECARO SR-7F has a deeperinclination of the seat cushion in comparison to the SR -7 and so maintains the pelvis and the lumbar support, the core function of any RECARO seat. Furthermore, the RECARO SR-7F is 30 mm shorter with a depth of 540mm in order to avoid that the front part of the seat cushion interferes with the movement of the knee. Moreover comfort to the femoral region from the buttocks is increased by using a harder urethane pad in the seat cushion centre.

The RECARO SR-7 Lassic Limited Edition comes with an outstanding cover design based on black Kamui and Shining Mesh in combination with 6 exciting leather colour version. The SR-7 Lassic conveys exclusivity and uniqueness to each single car interior.


Standard features:

Stepless recliner (dial type for both sides), shoulder support, lumbar support (pad insertion type) belt holes for safety harness, high grip side support, long & deep seat cushion, rubber mat suspension system.