An ergonomics seat combining ergonomic & orthopaedic features
for a safe and pleasant drive.

The RECARO ERGOMED has been derived from RECARO’s philosophy about seats, saying that a seat always has to keep the driver in the ergonomically right sitting position and thus the seat’s design always comes out from function.

The RECARO ERGOMED-series consists of four different models: ERGOMED-D/ -LD/ -MV and –E. All models have a special focus on protecting the driver from backache and fatigue caused by ordinary driving rather than pursuing sports performance and comfort. They all for example have a head rest which is quite bigger than that of other models. This serves to protect the head region and leads the driver’s body to a more correct driving position.

The RECARO ERGOMED-LD is identical to the ERGOMED-D, except being equipped with a seat depth adjusting function. This function adjusts the seat cushion length (depth) according to the driver’s leg length and is important for preventing thigh muscle fatigue. Unless the seating face depth supporting the thigh fits the body, the body pressure imposed on the seating face is not well dispersed and is returned as burden to the body. Especially in the case where 2 or more drivers use the same car and seat, the RECARO ERGOMED-LD is recommended.


Standard features:

Stepless recliner (dial type for both sides), air lumbar support (manual), seat depth adjustment, rubber mat suspension system.