Green Cotton Air Filters have probably the largest range of cone filters available and produce a size and style to suit most motor applications. All cone filters are produced to Green Filter’s usual high standards and incorporate the pleated design which increases the surface area by upto 10-20% thus optimizing horsepower, throttle response and torque. All cone filters have a massive filtration capacity and will catch and hold large amounts of dust, dirt and moisture without restricting the air flow. Choose from our range of conical or cylindrical shapes, twin cone, power flow, breathers, twisters or diamond filters. The strong flexible moulded rubber flanges ensure an air tight secure fit which absorbs vibration and can fit sizes in-between due to their flexibility.
These filters simply replace your existing standard air filter (element) and offer reduced restriction of the intake system thus optimizing horsepower, throttle response and torque. Simple to fit, just remove your original filter from the air box and “drop in” the Green Cotton Air filter.
Green cotton air filters have a vast ever expanding range of induction kits in a variety of styles to suit most vehicles and needs. Green Cotton air filter induction kits are derived from their involvement with developing motor sport air filters. The purpose of these induction kits is to deliver maximum amount of unrestricted, high volume, air straight to the engine. The higher the air flow the greater the engine efficiency, horsepower, throttle response and torque throughout the engines rpm range. Fitting a Green will not affect the emissions standards of your vehicle. Installation is straight forward, with minimum technical know-how and a few common hand tools needed. These kits are available in Direct intake, Dynatwist, Powerflow and some applications in Speed’R Diamond and Twister.
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 Change your air filter according to your manufactures recommended maintanance schedule, and you will dump 20 paper air filter into our nations landfills in the first 100 thousand miles of driving. But replace that stock filter with a washable, reusable Green High Performance Air Filter, and it will be the last one you need. Add the benefits of reduced fuel consumption, and not only will you be the environment, you will be puttying a lot of green back into your pocket.

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