Over the last eight years Forge Motorsport have grown in to one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of products and accessories for race, competition and road vehicles.

All Forge production is carried out in house and controlled by the international standard ISO 9002 for manufacture design and development. With this quality approval in place Forge continues with its commitment to bring the best products and manufacturing processes to the UK, Europe, North America and now to India.

All Forge products are guaranteed for life with the Forge “No Hassle” service promise.

Over the last two years Forge have opened a sales and distribution facility in Orlando USA and increased the production and development facilities in the UK to allow them to better serve their growing customer base. This year Forge are investing heavily in their Research and Development facility in order to embrace the very latest technology.

When you purchase from Forge Motorsport you are assured of quality products and a service to match. If you require a particular product that is not listed in this catalogue or on the web site, please call or email and we will gladly assist with any queries.

Forge Motorsport offer Front Mount Intercoolers (FMIC) which because of their location at the front of the car allow greater charge air cooling. Also available is side mount intercoolers which although located in the same position as your standard intercooler on the 1.8T engines, these are larger and again capture more air.

For the new 2.0 L FSIT engines there is one sure way to improve on the charge air cooling by using the Forge “TWINtercooler” this ground breaking innovation features a unique twin-core design which has added greater efficiency throughout the entire RPM band beyond that of a single core setup. Forge have achieved this by using the latest core technology with high flow end tank designs to achieve a huge reduction in inlet temperatures.

Forge spent many months testing various designs and the Twintercooler design emerged as the clear winner. This is a bolt-on kit that retains the use of the OEM intercooler to produce both horsepower AND torque, but more importantly, a HUGE reduction in inlet temperatures and increased flow efficiency.

A reduction in temps of up to a peak of 20 degrees Fahrenheit from 102 to 82 at 6600 RPM!


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Forge Diverter Valves

Fast Road Closed Loop Diverter ValveDiesel Dump Valve kit for 100hp VAG Diesel EnginesPiston Closed Loop Diverter ValveThe Splitter, a Recirculation and Blow Off Valve
Fast Road Closed Loop Diverter Valve
All VAG 1.8T engines

All VAG 2.7 Bi-Turbo engines
Porsche 911/996 turbo

Made from billet aluminium, this recirculating diverter valve dumps the charge-air back into the air intake system keeping external noise to a minimum. This increases both quicker throttle response and higher clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably.

Unlike mechanically derived products this kit has been created to symbiotically utilise the vehicle manufacturers latest innovations in order to allow the installation of an atmospheric dump valve to the VAG diesel engine. Information harnessed direct from your engine management system is interpreted by the supplied Electronic Valve control Unit (VCU) in order to optimise the activation of the twin piston valve. For ease of installation we have also created vehicle specific fitting kits that utilise silicone boost hoses, which can withstand the greater temperatures and pressures associated with performance engines, along with an additional wiring harness, fixing brackets, vacuum line solenoid valve and fitting instructions.
Diesel Dump Valve kit for 100hp VAG Diesel Engines
Forge Piston Closed Loop Diverter Valve
Suitable for ALL turbo cars with an Air Flow Meter
Made from billet aluminium, this recirculating diverter valve dumps the charge-air back into the air intake system keeping external noise to a minimum. This increases both quicker throttle response and higher clamping load to maintain boost pressure more reliably. Unlike diaphragm diverter valves, this uses counter balanced springs and a single piston to prevent the valve from leaking air into the intake system at idle. This prevents our diverter valves suffering any of the failures associated with single piston and diaphragm type diverter valves
The Splitter is a truly remarkable valve that gives a combination of blow off and recirculation valve operation all at the same time and has been specifically designed for the many VAG 1.8T applications. This means you get all the noise of the blow off valve whilst retaining the compatibility with the recirculation requirements of the engine management system. As a bonus we also offer the ability to convert the valve to recirculation only mode for those times when stealth running is required.

The Splitter, a Recirculation and Blow Off Valve

This valve uses a Copper and Zinc alloy piston which utilises new sealing technology along with a variable spring preload incorporating a ratchet type top adjuster that will allow for the positive and precise adjustment to match the valve to your engine. This is achieved by using a unique single, conical, progressive rate spring that can allow for the retention of boost pressure over a wide adjustment range. This unique spring design also allows for unrestricted piston travel and flow volume regardless of the amount of pre-load adjustment added to the spring. Other manufacturers valves using cylindrical springs with adjustable pre-load often experience restricted piston travel and a reduction in flow volume.

Octavia 1.8T + Audi TT 180 Turbo Intake PipeSilicone Induction Hose for the VAG 210 / 225hp enginesAudi TT 180 Coolant Hose Kit1.8T 210/225 Lower Intercooler Hoses1.8T 210/225 Turbo Hose1.8T 210/225 Upper Silicone Boost Hoses
Octavia 1.8T + Audi TT 180 Turbo Intake Pipe
As the original developers, engineers and enthusiasts who brought the VAG induction hose line to the market almost 3 years ago, Forge Motorsport is pleased to announce a completely retooled, redesigned, and reengineered range of induction hoses for all VAG 1.8T applications. 

We have spent the last year co-developing a range of vehicle specific hoses with silicone manufacturer SiliconHoses.com guaranteed to rival the best offerings from any other manufacturer on the market  today in terms of quality, price, and most importantly, performance.
 The silicone compound used in the construction of the hoses is of the highest sheer strength available and is hand-laid with a polyester reinforcement fabric. The layering of the hoses is far more uniform and consistent than of that from any other manufacturer which improves the overall structural integrity of the hoses up to 50%. 

The internal surface of the hose is completely smooth and unobstructed and the internal volume of this hose has been increased to provide the highest level of airflow at all points within the power band. We have also taken extra care to ensure consistency between each hose produced and that each hose includes all of the necessary ports and provisions required for each engine code and application as have often times been missing on hoses from other manufacturers. 

Each Forge Motorsport Induction Hose is available in your choice of 3 colours to match the tastes and desired colour themes that you are looking for. 

Dyno testing has been performed, by independent reviewer and Forge dealer NGP Racing on their in-house DynoJet dynamometer. Testing was performed on a 2003 Jetta 1.8T with an AWP engine code. The vehicle modifcations include Cold Air Intake, 2.5″ Turbo-Back Exhaust, Forge 004 Blow-off Valve, N75J Valve. For the benefit of those without engine software modifications testing was conducted with stock ECU software. 

Dyno runs 1 and 3 compare a baseline (OEM hose) to the addition of the Forge induction hose using the stock ECU as programming.


Silicone Induction Hose for the VAG 210  225hp engines
After encountering the collapse of the OEM intake air hose on the Audi S3 (210 & 225) and TT 225 engines (this typically occurs around 5000rpm) that had been re-chipped, our development team set about the manufacture of a hose with re-inforced walls to remedy the problem. The replacement silicone hose was also aerodynamically improved internally to maximise power by removing the existing restrictions.
Audi TT 180 Coolant Hose Kit
A 7 piece silicone hose kit to replace the coolant hoses on the TT non 225 engine.
1.8T 210 225 Lower Intercooler Hoses
Second photo shows silicone hoses (3) to replace the lower inter cooler hoses as found on the 210 / 225 1.8T engines with the twin wheel arch mounted intercoolers.
1.8T 210 225 Turbo Hose
This hose fits directly to the turbo on the 1.8T 210 and 225 engines. It is made from high temperature resistant flourosilicone compound and nomex reinforced to withstand the high pressures that may be experienced on tuned engines. This is the perfect replacement for the OEM hose which has a history of premature failure.
1.8T 210 225 Upper Silicone Boost Hoses
Two silicone boost hoses, turbo to intercooler and intercooler to intake manifold. These are available in a choice of colours and are made to withstand the greater pressures often found on tuned vehicles. These hoses will fit the 210 / 225 versions of the VAG 1.8T engine.



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